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Tule River Aero-Industries: Fly with the eagles—Come fly with us!

Tule River Aero-Industries is an FAA repair station (license pending) that specializes in general aviation aircraft. With a 20,000 square foot facility, Tule River Aero Industries is capable of working on large numbers of aircraft.

Tule River Aero Industries offers:

  • Annual Inspections
  • 100 Hour Inspections
  • Avionics Services
  • Custom Modifications

Additionally, Tule River Aero Industries specializes in and is the production facility for the Riley Skyrocket™ and the Riley Super Skyrocket™ conversions for Super Skyrocket LLC of Carlsbad, CA.

Tule River Aero-Industries’ team includes FAA certified IA and A & P mechanics, to ensure that all work not only reflects the lower costs of Central California, but is also high quality and without defect!