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Riley Super Skyrocket TM Production Plant

Beginning in February of 2000, Tule River Aero-Industries became the production plant for the Riley Skyrocket and the Riley Super Skyrocket aircraft. Incorporating the Tule River Aero hangar facility, with the Riley aircraft is a natural fit.

Based on the centerline thrust, twin engine Cessna 337 Skymaster aircraft, the Riley Skyrocket and the Riley Super Skyrocket are high performance, high quality aircraft, designed to incorporate the safety of twin engine design, with luxury car comfort. This creates an aircraft that is suitable for a multitude of uses and needs, from personal transportation, to corporate shuttles, to air support and overview applications.

As the only aircraft used by the military during the Vietnam conflict that was purchased as-is with no modifications, the Cessna Skymaster has a proven track record for performance, safety and durability. With the Riley conversion, the performance and comfort of the aircraft are improved and enhanced to create an aircraft worthy of the Riley name!