Central California Enterprise Community
Tulare County Business Incentive Zone (BIZ)

Tulare County Business Incentive Zone (logo available on-line at the website)

The Tule River Industrial Park is located within the Tulare County Business Incentive Zone. This zone is the source of many opportunities and incentives for employers interested in establishing their operations at the Industrial Park. These incentives include:

  • Fast Track Permitting
  • Interest Free 5 Year Fee Deferral
  • California Sales and Use Tax Credit
  • State Hiring Tax Credit
  • Employer Hiring Assistance
  • Business Expense Deductions
  • Net Operating Loss Carryover

The friendly staff at the BIZ can be reached for further details at (800) 718-2332, at (559) 688-3388 or at their web site www.tularecountybiz.com.