Central California Enterprise Community
Tulare County Business Incentive Zone (BIZ)



Central California Enterprise Community

The Central California Enterprise Community is a federally recognized zone that includes the cities of Orange Cove, Huron, Parlier, and the industrial site owned by the Tule River Tribe. The primary purpose of this designation is to foster development of rural communities through grants, incentives and citizen involvement. All activities, grant applications, and development projects are approved and initiated by citizen panels from each community and an oversight board made up of individuals representing each of the four communities. This supports one of the main goals and tenets of the program, that community involvement is ultimately the key to its prosperity.

Tule River was included on the successful 1999 Enterprise Community application as a "developable site" capable of creating economic opportunities to enhance the community. As such, the Tribally owned industrial park offers hiring tax credits for employers willing to locate their operations within the 40 acre site.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for the program hosts a website with further details and information at www.ezec.gov