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A Brief History of the Tule River Indian Reservation

The Tule River Indian Reservation was established by Presidential Executive Order as a homeland for Tule River, Kings River, Owens River, Monache Cajon and other scattered bands of Indians in 1873. The Tule River Reservation was one of four Indian reservations authorized by Congress in 1864, and is a portion of the much larger aboriginal homelands lost by the Indians throughout the Central Valley of California in the 1800Ős.

The Tule River Reservation covers over 55,000 acres in the southern end of the Sierra Nevada mountains and is surrounded by the great agriculture belt of the San Joaquin Valley and the Sequoia National Park and National Monument. Covering almost 85 square miles, the Reservation is home to a diverse collection of flora and fauna, including the southernmost stands of Giant Sequoia trees. The Reservation is approximately 20 miles from the city of Porterville and is approximately 90 miles south of Fresno, and 70 miles north of Bakersfield.