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Yokuts Custom Woodworking
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Currently, the Airpark is the home of a variety of businesses and organizations, including:

Tule River Economic Development Corporation, a non-profit enterprise of the Tule River Tribe responsible for off-reservation employment and revenue development.

USDA Food Distribution, a joint effort by the Tule River Tribal Council and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to distribute commodities to low income Native American Families in California’s Central Valley.

Sequoia National Forest Emergency Command Center is tasked with managing forest fires in the Southern Sequoia range, including fire fighting crews, law enforcement and all aspects of fire management.

Eagle Mountain Casino Warehouse Facility for storing basic supplies for management and operation of the casino.

Jenny Lynn’s Wholesale Bakery, producing baked goods for restaurants in the Southern Central Valley.

Yokuts Custom Woodworking, a Native American owned workshop currently specializing in cabinetry for new home construction.

Business at the Airpark include:
• Food services
• Federal agencies
• Storage and warehousing