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Tulare County Business Incentive Zone (BIZ)

It is the mission of the Tule River Economic Development Corporation to develop Jobs and Revenues for the Tule River Indian Tribe.

The Tule River Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit corporation chartered by the Tule River Tribal Council of the Tule River Band of Yokuts Indians. The original intent was to create an organization tasked with developing jobs as well as creating a diverse revenue base to benefit the Tule River Reservation and the surrounding community.

In order to accomplish this, Tule River EDC has brought together a board of directors who represent the interests of the reservation as well as various perspectives and expertise from the Porterville business community. The board includes business, organizational, legal and financial experts, as well as two former mayors of the City of Porterville. This board advises the organization in fulfilling its goals and developing economic stability and full employment.