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Yokuts Custom Woodworking began as a training program to teach vocational skills to members of the Tule River Reservation. Focusing initially on cabinetry for new housing, has grown beyond its training program roots and become a full fledged commercial operation. Deriving its name from the indigenous people of California’s Central Valley, Yokuts Custom Woodworking is a prime example of the mission of Tule River EDC. By creating sustainable jobs with transferable job skills for Tribal members, and at the same time creating revenues to support tribal programs such as education and health services. Yokuts Custom Woodworking is a Tribal success story.

While cabinetry for new homes is the prime focus of Yokuts Custom Woodworking, plans are being developed to branch out into other areas of woodworking. Always seeking for advantageous markets is a key to success, a formula that Yokuts Custom Woodworking intends to follow.

Please contact Tule River EDC for further information about specialty wood products from Yokuts Custom Woodworking.